Hiring, delegation, and people management with Mads Singers.

This episode of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY features Mads Singers who is management coach with over six years of experience in assisting online business owners in SEO, eCommerce, Agencies, and SaaS. Mads is also the person behind the SEO Mastery Summit conference.

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Interview with Mads Singers

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Interview With Mads Singers (video)

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Interview With Mads Singers (audio)

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Interview With Mads Singers (notes)

Mads Singers is a management coach with over six years of experience in assisting online business owners in SEO, eCommerce, Agencies, and SaaS.

  • Originally from Denmark, has lived abroad for over 20 years
  • Background in corporate world and management consulting
  • Has started around 5 companies, including in SEO, outsourcing, content writing, events, and SaaS
  • Has worked with many major players in SEO industry like Matt Diggity and Kyle Roof
  • Loves both doing SEO and coaching SEO business owners on business strategy and scaling

People Management & Delegation Tips

People Management & Delegation Tips

  • It’s important for SEO business owners to get comfortable managing and delegating tasks to others instead of trying to do everything themselves.
  • As the CEO or business owner, you should have no more than 4-5 direct reports. Any more than that, and you’ll spend too much time directing work instead of adding value yourself.
  • Managers below the CEO level can typically handle 8-10 people depending on the complexity of the roles.
  • Build relationships with your staff by having regular video calls and meetings to get to know them. This increases employee motivation and retention.
  • Hire talented people for key roles, provide clear expectations and responsibilities, then let them execute without excessive oversight. This enables you to scale while not remaining a bottleneck.
  • Design streamlined processes focused on simplicity so that tasks can be easily handed off to other team members. Most SEOs spend too much time optimizing technical factors rather than high-level strategy.
  • Schedule regular 1-on-1 meetings with each team member to provide feedback, coaching, and discuss any roadblocks they face.
  • Document procedures for your most important processes so new hires can get up to speed more quickly. Identify what key knowledge needs to be retained if an employee leaves.
  • Use tools like Asana, Trello, or Jira to create transparency on who is responsible for what tasks and what stage projects are in.
  • Lead team meetings focused on strategy, optimization ideas, and open discussion rather than just status updates. Foster an environment where people are comfortable suggesting improvements.

SEO tips from Mads Singers

  • Niche down your SEO services – pick a specific type of client like lawyers, carpet cleaners etc. This makes your services more valuable to those clients, makes processes consistent and scalable, and makes marketing easier.
  • Increase prices over time as you deliver results – very few SEOs raise rates. But as you demonstrate the value you provide clients, you can charge more.
  • Reporting to clients should focus on just 2 key things: how much they paid you, and how much money you made them. The more data you give, the more questions they’ll ask leading to wasted time.
  • Buying existing affiliate sites that may not monetize well but have good links/domain authority and merging them together can shortcut growth significantly compared to building from scratch.
  • Focus on high velocity content production – his sites aim for at least 2 new pieces daily because over time the frequency leads to good rankings.
  • Make affiliate sites look as legitimate as possible to a reviewer, with elements like real persona bios, quotes from industry experts, schema markup etc. This protects against penalties.

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